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what is lollypop

Lollypop is the ultimate smart-contrat token that is one of its kind. Our goal is to create a gaming platform on which Lollypop could be used and spent on while proving profitability for its investors. Lollypop is a ERC20 token Built on Etherium which adheres to the ERC20 Token Standard and actualizes every single standard strategy. lollypop aims to empower its investors by paying dividends to its speculators for basically holding the tokens. For the very first time in crypto currency enviornment rewards in the form of fixed percentage as dividends would be paid to its investors this would offer speculators a lucritive chance to procure easy revenue.

Easy to use

Lolly tokens can be safely stored in any eth token compliant wallet and even browser extension wallets such as MetaMask. Hold lolly & dividends or sell anytime as you like

Environment friendly

unlike all other coins which require power hungry mining equipment to generate new coins lolly doesn't even require your pc to be switched on 24/7 to generate new coins

Completely Decentralized

The entire system is completely without human interaction. It's self governed, executed by the collective Ethereum blockchain.

Dividends program

Lolly pays its investors 1% dividends each day as long as they don't move there coins from there own wallet.There is no need to send your tokens to a unsecure 3rd party , your tokens stay safe and securely with you in your wallet. claim dividends each day or as you like. To claim dividends just send a transaction to your own wallet address. There is no limitations on minimum or maximum number of tokens you need to hold to avail these dividends. This dividend structure is hard coded into the smart contract and can never be changed or modified.

Read Our Whitepaper

We would collect all extended information about our project in one document which would provide a clear direction about our project and help investors understand better.

White paper


Awesome Features

Awesome Experience

Our users will be delighted with how easy it is to earn Lolly tokens.

Fast and Simple

Lolly works on the Ethereum blockchain and this provides the same speed and reliability

Open Code

Our token is open source that's why it is secure. Anyone can check out our source code



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