Dividends guide

With lollypop each investor can earn dividends on there investment. Dividents are the only way future supply of Lollypop token is generated , a circulating coin supply that is attractive to emerging markets, help provide the coin price stability needed for mass-market adoption, and reward quick investors and enthusiastic supporters with a better passive income.

Claiming dividends is a simple process. to get started you just need to store your lollypop token in a secure Etherium wallet, make sure to use a wallet where you have acess to your private keys. Some of the recommended wallets for storing Lollypop are MyEtherWallet,Atomic Wallet,Coinomi,Trust Wallet. browser extensions such as MetaMask can also be used to safely store your lollypop token.

With Lollypop you can generate 1% dividends everyday. These dividends can be claimed anytime you like and compound with time.Think of this as reward of being a loyal Lollypop Hodler.

Note: user can send a transaction from their own wallet address back to their own address to claim dividends.

To claim the dividends simply send a transaction of any amount of LOLLY to your Lollypop token wallet or from your lollypop wallet. The smart contract would then automatically calculate the time it has been passed since you last moved your coins from your wallet and reward you accordingly. For example if you are holding 100 LOLLY in your token address from 40 days and send a transaction to your address you would be rewarded with 48.86 more LOLLY tokens.